To the south of the main continent of Altara lies the island continent Hibernia. 98 years ago the island continent was a country torn apart by civil unrest that lead to a war for leadership. A party of heroes played a critical part in ending the civil war and restoring peace through out the continent. For their effort the party requested a small island off the southern tip of the main land to settle as a home for their decendents. Thus the city state of Hope’s Point was born.

Present day Hibernia econmic landscape is in disarray due to the dwarven clan of Fernmag closing its hall to outsiders and trade. The vital flow of gems, minerals, and metals have not moved through their doors in more then a decade. Metal weapons are becoming a thing of the past. Hope’s Point once a bustling whaling port, fishermans waypoint, and last bastion for the occasional storm tossed ship during the long cyclone season has not been immune to the recession of Hibernia.

The Saga Of Hope's Point